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I really enjoyed the Gadgets night at the CWA in Townsville. Pauline you are one of the nice people in this world you are always so patient and always do a good presentation. I will come and say Hello in Brisbane to you and Rob.May God keep you both safe as you travel. I grew up in a small Country Town Aramac in Central Queensland. I know how much these ladies really appreciate your workshops. Thank you.
Kay Lowe, Condon QLD

Quilters’ World has visited Mountain Quilters’ Club Inc at Peachester in Queensland twice in the last two years. I have been fortunate in that our local hall was unavailable both times and we held Pauline’s Gadget Queen Demonstrations at my home. Members of our group attended and were very impressed with Pauline’s generosity and patience in demonstrating many techniques, especially with appliqué and use of the clover bias maker tools. Our group recently had a quilt show and made a quilt for a raffle in aid of Guide Dogs Queensland. The quilt was all hand appliquéd by members and I managed to score the big panel in the middle with all the trailing vines and tiny leaves and flowers. I don’t think it would be finished yet if I hadn’t used Pauline’s tips using glue sticks and Roxanne’s glue. Be sure to invite Quilters’ World to your group to help you on your quilting journey.
Alwyn Bowyer, Mountain Quilters Club, Peachester QLD

Just got home from a fantastic day with Pauline and Rob... wish I could have tied her up and kept her... not only is she one talented lady full of knowledge she is so lovely as well.
Tarnyia Scott, Mt Magnet WA

Machine quilting is now achieved with amazing ease after the purchase of a quilting mat and hoop at the recommendation of Pauline - the amazing `Gadget Queen' and font-of-all-patchwork-knowledge!
Faye Smith, Horsham VIC

Pauline's visit to Dunsborough was a big success. Our group would like to invite Pauline to conduct a workshop again next year.
Ann Gobby, Dunsborough WA

Pauline, you have a wealth of knowledge to share and impart your knowledge with passion and personal care to each individual. You are a rare 'jewel' who empowers people to engage and discover new ways to enjoy quilting. My return to hand/machine quilting has been revived with your invaluable tips and insights.
Sue Horoch, Western Australia

Had a lovely, friendly and informative afternoon at Glenys in Bunbury. Carry on your great show. We all learnt so much.
Jean Paternoster, Bunbury WA

Had a lovely, friendly and informative afternoon at Glenys in Bunbury. Carry on your great show. We all learnt so much.
Jean Paternoster, Bunbury WA

If you get a chance to attend Pauline's Schoolhouse it is well worth it.  You gain so much from her shared information.
Margaret Paternoster, Narrogin WA

Just so very informative and very enjoyable.
Val Burge, Albany WA

Absolutely outstanding. Beyond expectation!
Catherine Turle, Beverley WA

Pauline is very knowledgable and able to impart this in a friendly manner - well done!
Beth Edwards, Albany, WA

Quite inspiring.
Lesley Scott, Mt Magnet WA

Absolutely brilliant! Loved it. Thank you so much.
Steph Welsh, Merredin WA

Pauline's a fabulous instructor with loads of experience, buckets of patience and a wonderful sense of humour!  
Peggy & Bev's Place in Emerald, Queensland